Vilniaus universiteto Kartografijos magistrai

Papildomųjų studijų “Geografija” absolventai

VU Kartografijos centro studentai pagal mainų programas
Exchange students at the Centre for Cartography

      Rico Beckert
Dresden Technical University 
03 2011– 06 2011

My work was divided into several parts. In the first month I had to prepare a database for a competition of children in drawing maps and I had a presentation at the Vilnius Seminar on Cartosemiotics. After this I worked in GIS-Centras and my topics were to help improving the appearance of the Geoportal of Lithuania and to vectorize buildings of Vilnius with ArcGIS 9.3. Beside I was part of a project of cartography-students from Vilnius University who designed a map of mythical creatures in Europe with Adobe Illustrator.
Although 3 months is a very short time for practical training I got the opportunity to work in many different places and got impressions in several kinds of work. The best experience for me was to come into contact with so many people from Lithuania, to work and even to spent some time after work and call them friends. Finally I can say that it was the right decision and a pleasure to come to Vilnius and the time became better than I expected before.

      Michal Stransky
Dresden Technical University 
03 2011– 06 2011
      Elias Weirauch
Dresden Technical University 
10 2010 – 01 2011

To work in Vilnius, a centre of culture, art, religion and science was a great pleasure.
On the one hand, it was important to increase the cartographic knowledge, for example the work in geo information systems (GIS) or preparing maps for use them in the Internet. On the other hand, maybe for me the most important experience, was to learn about arranging the life in a new city, meet new people, participate on different cultural events and learn about some local traditions by the native population.
The climate in the GIS centras was always friendly and the people were very careful and helpful.
So it was a time of nice remembrances, maybe even to repeat it in the future...
I could say, that my home is more expanded now.

      Philipp Günzer
Karl Franzens University Graz
Sep 2005 – June 2006
"Cartographic Information Management and Design of Thematic Maps". 

As I am a student of geography I got in contact with the centre for Cartography during my Erasmus time in Lithuania. My task during this course was to create a map of life quality in Europe. Life quality is quite a complex theme. But after fixing the parameters. I was able to bring the information to the map, with the programms ArcView and Freehand.

Studying at the Centre for Cartography at Vilnius University and beeing an Erasmus student in Lithuania was one of by best time so far.

      Thomas Forner  
Dresden Technical University 
10 2004 – 03 2005

The major task of my so called "practical semester" was a social geography research into preferences of Lithuanian students concerning possible emigration to European countries. It means the planning and preparing of an Evaluation form, the testing of about 100 people, the statistical and geographic processing of the data as well as the interpretation of the data and, of course, the mapping of them with ArcGIS 9 software.

Besides this really interesting theme it was a big pleasure for me to work in the Centre. All my colleagues have been very friendly and open and made it very easy for me to feel like at home. I don't regret my decision to go to Vilnius, I just can advise others to do the same…


Martin Jänisch
Dresden Technical University 
10 2008– 03 2008

Ralf Ruge

Dresden Technical University 
10 2006 – 03 2006

Vincent Dinh

09 2007– 01 2008

Inka Saana Hannele Silfsten
09 2007– 01 2008

Rico Bartak  
Dresden Technical University 
09 2007– 01 2008